Friday, June 11, 2010

Life Doesn't Get Much Better...

Erick came to visit recently. I think during his one week stay, we visited all of his favorite eateries at least once... and that's a lot of food! Also spent a significant amount of time at the beach (my skin is still screaming), something I haven't done since January... and July of 2009 before that. After spoiling my dogs like mad, catching some rays, and causing our clothes to fit just a bit tighter, I think I can say a fun time was had by all.

My favorite picture of the week. Ala Moana Beach

Sunset Beach... a sandy day.

Mom's Turtle Beach

No trip is complete without a stop here...

Tasting the different flavors.

The "after" picture.


Spoiling Katsu and Lili

The Three Amigos.

Sugoi's Garlic Chicken. Yum!

We all burped garlic for the rest of the day. Even bought gum at Costco! Ha!
(lots of garlic = lots of gum)

Sharing with our "of age" dog. (Sorry, Lili!)