Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Video and a Few More Pictures

Just a few more pictures, and video at the end. There's also another post below this with more pictures. :)

Christmas at the Tom's

It's been a crazy few weeks surrounding Christmas, and today is my first day of down time, so figured I'd update the blog. I'll have to post Christmas decorations at a later time, but wanted to put up a few pictures of our newest addition to the family.
On Monday, December 21, Greg surprised me by taking me to look at Golden Retriever puppies. There were five puppies, and only one was a girl (we wanted a girl), so this made the selection process much easier than last time. (Katsu came from two litters born within a few days of each other, so we had about 16 puppies to choose from!) We immediately loved the female, and also enjoyed her family. There were 7 or 8 adult Goldens living with the five puppies, and her human parents were so easy to talk to. Actually had a few people we knew in common, which helped in the decision-making (as if I would have said no to a puppy, anyway).
We brought Lili (short for Lilikoi, a yellow passion fruit) home on Wednesday night. It's been interesting having two dogs, and Greg and I are both exhausted! Here's a few pictures. Enjoy!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Maybe She's Not a Phillies Fan...

Or maybe she's got a great dad. You decide.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carnival Cruise

What a fun adventure for Greg and I... While I was a bit nauseated at first, we both fared the seas quite well, and were quite impressed with what a cruise has to offer. Minus the bad weather on our one day at sea, and the quality of the entertainment resembling that of a college level drama club (but with amazing costumes), we had a ton of fun! And the food... oh my goodness, the food. It was like eating at a 5-star resteraunt every night, but getting to choose anything (or everything!) you wanted... The suite was small-ish, but very nice. I was surprised how comfortable we actually were!
Greg and I at the safety meeting onboard. Sexy life vests, I know. (And fake palm trees!!)
A cute lady offered to take our picture, so we got mushy. Tee!!

I think this is the only "ring picture" taken from the wedding and the honeymoon. Taken as the ship was leaving dock in Florida. We had a perfect view!

Greg was sneaky and caught me daydreaming off the balcony of our room.
The towel animals were so fun! (Ya, we're kids!)
Told you so...
Beautiful sunrise (I think this was our last morning on the boat. Had to be up before sunrise to get off by 7 or something rediculous, but caught this beautiful shot). Florida.
More towel animals. :) Check out the dot eyes and nose. And they even incorporated my sunglasses.
Sunset in the Bahamas.
That's Disney Cruise Lines in the background.
Later on in that same sunset. Unbelievably beautiful.
The boat, docked at the Bahamas.

See our time in the Bahamas in the post below.


We took Carnival Cruise Lines. It was a 4-day, 3-night sail (perfect for beginners), and our destination was Nassau, in the Bahamas. We decided to go on a shore excursion to Atlantis, the hotel. If you've ever been to a top of the line hotel, times that by 20, and you've got Atlantis. Plus the waterpark... and aquarium... Unbelievable. I think Greg and I walked around with our jaws hanging open the whole time. Had a blast, even when the waterpark was closed for two hours due to lightning (this gave us time to explore the hotel grounds). We both definitely recommend it, and hope to visit again...

The ride from the cruise to Atlantis. Sardines!!! And bad driving!
The grand enterance to the hotel... woah. These doors are HUGE!
These squid-water-spitting-oyster-pearl decorations stretched floor to ceiling (three stories), and there were about ten. Very lavish, and impressive.
View over the balcony from the front desk. The aquarium is seen on the bottom floor (with two 8-foot-wing-span sting rays - seriously) and a lot of other fish. There was also an Atlantis-themed walk through aquarium that started on the right side of the photo, and in the distance is the waterpark and hotel.
Some of the waterpark slides were conceiled in this amazing building.
The slide I saw on TV that made me want to go to Atlantis since early college... A super steep drop that goes through a shark tank. Unreal! Too bad when you actually go down it you're freaked out, and it's sooo fast you can't see the sharks. (Luckily, there's a tube ride that goes through the shark tank, too, and is slower. Crazy idea, tons of fun!)
This is one of the two 8-foot-wing-span sting rays. HUGE.
The fountain that's first visible when you drive up if you're checking in (we didn't stay at the hotel, just had a day pass).
The fountain again.
Over the edge of the front enterance. The whole thing was surrounded by water, with a private beach off of the water park. Way too much to take in and experience in one day. We really hope to go back sometime, and actually stay there. (Maybe in our next life, when we're independently wealthy!)

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

Just a few pictures from the honeymoon... Greg and I had a great time. Eight days of Disney, tons of thunderstorms, lots of Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, and good food.
(Cruise pictures to come soon!)

This is the badge they gave us to wear around the parks. We got lots of "Congratulations!" from cast members and park visitors, which made our honeymoon that much more fun.

One of the dinasour rides... Ya, I'm a little kid. It's not as scary if you cover your eyes and peek out from between your fingers. And no, we didn't know there was a camera, so this is pure Ashley. Haha.

Greg had turkey legs on his mind from day one. He ended up getting four throughout the trip, but I couldn't resist snapping a photo on this day at Hollywood Studios.

Us in front on the castle at Magic Kingdom. Notice the hats - bride and groom Mickey ears. I thought they'd be fun, and Greg loved the idea. Little did I know he intended to get his money's worth - he made us wear them every day for two weeks. :) Love it...

Another castle shot...

Greg and I at Epcot. The Mission to Mars and Test Track rides were fun, and we even did the Kim Possible games in the Worlds. They were a lot of fun to walk through, but unfortunately a thunderstorm rolled in on our second day at Epcot, and we never got to have dinner at Germany. Next time?!

Thunder Mountain railroad at Magic Kingdom. Greg insisted on leaving his hat on, but mine kept falling off on the rides.

The great thing about Disney is you can be a kid... If only for the reason that you'll never see anyone at the parks ever again. Haha. No one to tell stories on you.... unless, of course, there's pictures to prove it. (Sorry babe!) Who can resist ice cream on a hot day, though? Especially when it's Mickey shaped. (Hollywood Studios)

The ears...

Check back soon for more pics!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 12, 2009

A few more images from our wedding day...