Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big Island - Hilo Farmer's Market

We went to Big Island in March with Mom & Dad. Just a day trip, which was tons of fun. We knew there were a few things we really wanted to do, but in between it was a relaxing time during which we enjoyed the scenery and time together.

Ginger, anthurium, and other flowers at the Farmer's Market.
Mom was impressed with the selection...
Greg eating a fruit. Forgot the name, but it's a cousin of lychee.
Yum! Love the colors of the sign, too.
Mom remembered this lady's stand from 7 years ago, because she ships Hawaii flowers to the mainland. Mom ordered a bunch to be delivered when they returned home from their trip. Poor Dad was broke before the day even started!

Big Island - Akaka Falls

Driving out of Hilo. Love the fact that this island is less populated and so much more of the true Hawaii.
Parked on the side of the road to get to Akaka Falls. This was the view.
Akaka Falls (442 feet)
Mom and Dad in front of Akaka Falls.
Driving down the hill from Akaka Falls, back toward Hilo. So breath-taking. Maybe our next house will be built here...

Big Island Helicopter Tour

Our helicopter for the tour of the volcano
Beautiful Rainbow Falls. Love that Big Island has such stark differences in landscape.
The active vents of the volcano. Pu'u o'o is seen on the right side, and the orange areas on the left are new sulfur deposits from Kamoamoa eruptions. Unfortunately, the eruptions (reaching 80 ft. in the air) stopped three days before we went.
Close up of Pu'u o'o.
Closer... no magma, though.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Even though this house/ranch is surrounded on all sides by active lava fields, this place is still sought after by people with $$$, who go there for a retreat. You have to be flown in and out of here. Pretty amazing.
The beautiful colors of the coastline next to the stark contrast of fresh lava fields and new vegetation. Amazing colors.
You can see a road in the middle of the photo that abruptly ends in the lava field. This is where we drove to and took the pictures seen in the next post. End of the highway.
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters... the best option for touring Big Island. Dad used to fly for this company.
At the lava fields... You could feel the intense heat rising between cracks in the ground.

Big Island

Unbelievable to think the land we were standing on was only a few weeks old...

Love the way you can see how the lava moved as it cooled...
A family shot on the newest part of the US... literally.
God brings destruction and then new life... These plants are normally one of the first to populate a lava field, after ferns. It's a red Ohia, and believed to represent the goddess Pele, thus being red like fresh lava.