Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carnival Cruise

What a fun adventure for Greg and I... While I was a bit nauseated at first, we both fared the seas quite well, and were quite impressed with what a cruise has to offer. Minus the bad weather on our one day at sea, and the quality of the entertainment resembling that of a college level drama club (but with amazing costumes), we had a ton of fun! And the food... oh my goodness, the food. It was like eating at a 5-star resteraunt every night, but getting to choose anything (or everything!) you wanted... The suite was small-ish, but very nice. I was surprised how comfortable we actually were!
Greg and I at the safety meeting onboard. Sexy life vests, I know. (And fake palm trees!!)
A cute lady offered to take our picture, so we got mushy. Tee!!

I think this is the only "ring picture" taken from the wedding and the honeymoon. Taken as the ship was leaving dock in Florida. We had a perfect view!

Greg was sneaky and caught me daydreaming off the balcony of our room.
The towel animals were so fun! (Ya, we're kids!)
Told you so...
Beautiful sunrise (I think this was our last morning on the boat. Had to be up before sunrise to get off by 7 or something rediculous, but caught this beautiful shot). Florida.
More towel animals. :) Check out the dot eyes and nose. And they even incorporated my sunglasses.
Sunset in the Bahamas.
That's Disney Cruise Lines in the background.
Later on in that same sunset. Unbelievably beautiful.
The boat, docked at the Bahamas.

See our time in the Bahamas in the post below.

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