Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We took Carnival Cruise Lines. It was a 4-day, 3-night sail (perfect for beginners), and our destination was Nassau, in the Bahamas. We decided to go on a shore excursion to Atlantis, the hotel. If you've ever been to a top of the line hotel, times that by 20, and you've got Atlantis. Plus the waterpark... and aquarium... Unbelievable. I think Greg and I walked around with our jaws hanging open the whole time. Had a blast, even when the waterpark was closed for two hours due to lightning (this gave us time to explore the hotel grounds). We both definitely recommend it, and hope to visit again...

The ride from the cruise to Atlantis. Sardines!!! And bad driving!
The grand enterance to the hotel... woah. These doors are HUGE!
These squid-water-spitting-oyster-pearl decorations stretched floor to ceiling (three stories), and there were about ten. Very lavish, and impressive.
View over the balcony from the front desk. The aquarium is seen on the bottom floor (with two 8-foot-wing-span sting rays - seriously) and a lot of other fish. There was also an Atlantis-themed walk through aquarium that started on the right side of the photo, and in the distance is the waterpark and hotel.
Some of the waterpark slides were conceiled in this amazing building.
The slide I saw on TV that made me want to go to Atlantis since early college... A super steep drop that goes through a shark tank. Unreal! Too bad when you actually go down it you're freaked out, and it's sooo fast you can't see the sharks. (Luckily, there's a tube ride that goes through the shark tank, too, and is slower. Crazy idea, tons of fun!)
This is one of the two 8-foot-wing-span sting rays. HUGE.
The fountain that's first visible when you drive up if you're checking in (we didn't stay at the hotel, just had a day pass).
The fountain again.
Over the edge of the front enterance. The whole thing was surrounded by water, with a private beach off of the water park. Way too much to take in and experience in one day. We really hope to go back sometime, and actually stay there. (Maybe in our next life, when we're independently wealthy!)

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