Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Saw this clip on another blogger's site, and had to add it. Poor Gladys must be related to my mom's side of the family... bless her heart. :)

I know... it's the day of the youtube videos, but had to post this one. I dedicate it to my Dad, not only so he doesn't feel left out (see post above), but also because he and I used to ALWAYS sing this when I was little. Yes, I am a muppet-raised child.


  1. You're right Ashley. I think she's a long lost Mattke sister! :)

  2. Ah, with just a hint of long lost cousin Larry the Cable Guy! My life married into a Texan family.

  3. But, ya gotta love the Muppets and the Manah Manah, do do do do do, etc. Brings a tear to the eye and harkens back the days of very young children who thought Dad wasn't too old a "fuht".