Monday, January 19, 2009

In Training...

Greg and I decided a few months ago to attempt to tackle the Great Aloha Run this year. It's an 8.15 mile run, and will be held on President's Day, February 16. The training for this run will (hopefully) help us get into shape, get ready for the wedding, and grow closer as a family - because true emotions show after you've pounded the pavement for hours.

We were supposed to tackle our first 6-mile run of the training session this past Sunday (with Katsu in tow... he's an awesome runner). Greg's been doing great at plotting out our workouts, minus the one incident of running at night on a two mile stretch with no lighting. Well, we hit another blunder, and the path ran out of sidewalks and practically took us on the freeway. Oops! We did make it home, a bit exhausted, and found out that we'd actually almost run 7 miles instead. Needless to say, we were a bit exhausted...

(Too tired to stand to drink water...)

(Having the right running shoes makes all the difference...)

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