Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last Day in NYC

After Philly, we spent one last night in NYC. This time, we stayed at the Hilton right across the street from Ground Zero.

This is the view from our room on the 26th floor, showing all of the construction going on at Ground Zero, with the Hudson River in the background.

This is the memorial for WTC Tower 2, built on its original foundation, which will become an inverted fountain.

This is the foundation of WTC Tower 1. Names of those who passed away during the 9/11 attacks will be inscribed around the inverted fountains on both towers.

On a lighter note, this is the Wall Street Bull.

And this is his backside. ;)

This is a statue called The Sphere. It used to be between the WTC Towers, and has been moved to a park close to the Staten Island Ferry as a temporary memorial.

We took the Staten Island Ferry (free!!) to go see Miss Liberty herself.

Walked the Brooklyn Bridge that afternoon.

Rusted, but beautiful.

NYC skyline in the background.

NYC from the bridge.

Standing halfway across the bridge. Greg is on the Brooklyn side...

And I'm on the NY side.
(Any fans of the TV show "The Office" should take notice of our shirts...)

Being silly. Construction here was surrounded by all the different "walk" signals from probably over 50 countries.

One of my favorite parts of NY was finding all of the Starbucks locations. They were on every corner, like the ABC stores are in Hawaii... but so much prettier. Love the architecture in NY, especially when my fav shop resides within.

View from the other side of our hotel.

The Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge.

Went to the Empire State Building that night as our final goodbye to NYC.

Beautiful views...

Last stop on the way to the airport. If anyone watches TLC, this is the bake shop that "Cake Boss" is filmed at. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to wait in the hour-long line. Next time!

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