Friday, July 9, 2010

NY Food and Fun

This corner stand on 53rd and 6th St. had amazing Halal food. There are sooo many stands just like this one, but for some reason this one is known as being the best. Hour-long lines would form at dinner time. Luckily, we only had to wait 15 min.

We went to Wicked on Broadway. The show and theatre were amazing. Definitely recommend it to anyone!

Stopped by Times Square after the show. Loved the lights, but not the crowds.

How romantic. A second honeymoon.

Went to Yankee Stadium the next day for a Yankees vs. Mets game.
Pretty amazing views from all seats in this new stadium.
Braved the subway for the first time to get here - very nauseating and claustrophobic in my opinion.

Go Yankees!

Derek Jeter batting.

It was sooo hot! This lemonade tasted amazing.
(Unfortunately, I also saw how many calories it had. NY has some weird thing of putting calorie counts on everything! Starbucks, restraunts, hot dog stands, even lemonade at Yankee Stadium.)

Rain delay in the 8th? Greg was NOT happy.

The Subway Series

We told the attendee it was our honeymoon and we had flown all the way from Hawaii just to watch a Yankees game live so that we could go down by the field to get this pic. It wasn't a complete lie....

After the game, we got off the subway near the Apollo Theatre to try to catch our tour bus. Unfortunately, this resulted in us wandering around Harlem lost for about 45 minutes. Oops!

Our first views of Central Park. Amazing!

Very picturesque!

Ended the afternoon with a stop at Serendipity 3.

They're known for their Frozen Hot Chocolate. So delicious, we brought some mix home with us!

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