Thursday, July 8, 2010

Philly Part 1

I had a conference in Philly for work. The organization got cheap seats for the Philly's vs. Indians game. This was our view.

The bullpen was a double decker!

The bathrooms had these cute signs outside. (Notice the hats and the home-plate shape of the sign.)

Us at the stadium.
Later in the game, one of the Indians' players got hurt, so his Athletic Trainer went on the field. Since 20,000 of us had gone to the game, and we were all sitting together, we all cheered. Greg thought it was hilarious. Bet the Indians' Athletic Trainer was embarrassed!

The score board and jumbo tron.

Greg's first Philly cheesesteak. Provolone without.
(When ordering a cheesesteak, say your preference of cheese - provolone, american, or wiz - and with onions or without onions... just drop the "onions" part.)

After winning the game, the bell in outfield swayed from side to side and rung while lighting up.

Across from the convention center was an awesome market. It was open air, and had over 50 different stores in side. This cheesesteak place was our favorite. (We decided our fav sandwich was Wiz with.) They sold out the last day we were there. :(

Philly's City Hall. Such beautiful architecture!

One of the banners hanging around the city. Notice the NATA part below it... that's us!

The Liberty Bell, complete with crack.

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